Disco Volante is a utopia in a faraway future, in which native earthlings and aliens cohabitate in a spaceship city. It’s the envision of an unconscious lucid dream of a better society, beyond nation, race, color and gender. The distant and abundant planet is under the reign of Queen Zadar Electra. Zadar Electra is a spacer woman from the ancient future. It was her who brought freedom to the universe after the space wars in the age of oblivion. The people of Disco Volante are a tribe called Cyleen. To them Queen Zadar is not only a symbol of strength and power but also of fertility and maternity. She is literally the mother of the Disco Volante.

As the story is told Zadar Electra took a journey through the afterlife, where she fell in love with the mighty Spliff-King – Azari Aguti. In the rhythm of the night Zadar Electra conceived a strong alien boy in the Whirlpool galaxy. Unnamed at first the boy should later be known to the entire universe and beyond as Helmut Poseidon. After 1000 nights the magic disappeared and their love affair ended as quickly as it began. The boy with no name stayed with his father Azari Aguti – ruler of the Cosmic Ocean. There were those who worship Azari Aguti and there were those who fear him. Among those who worshiped him were the gang of the infamous 40 Space Nomads. Azari Aguti was their Commandate, together they lived the dodgy life of space raiders and buccaneers. 

The Nomads used fast lightly armed gliders to attack large merchant ships and drive them off course into the catches of their Cephalopods, a gang of trained sky jellyfish and octopuses. The Cephalopods held hostage of crew and ship with their stinging tentacles while the Nomads would calmly take possession of the ship’s cargo. In the absence of his mother the Nomads quickly became family to the unnamed little boy. To 4 of them he had a special relationship: Ben Dromeda, Orbital Ope, Jörg Power and the Mad Monk Zizi. They taught the little boy everything they knew and protected him whenever needed. He was a real natural in picking up high-flying moves and risky maneuvers, which only the most experienced crew members were able to perform. Like his father he was very skilled in handling weapons, especially liquid swords – a power also accorded as the ‘Hand of Aguti’. 

As Queen Zadar gave birth to the alien boy she also bear a vascular system, which became a self-supplying planet – this was the Nucleus of Disco Volante. Outer space can be a tough environment for the living: no atmosphere, no oxygen, no gravity, and extreme temperatures. The lower part of Disco Volante functions as a membrane and provides a steady nutrient supply to the surface. It takes care of the thermo-regulation, waste elimination, gas exchange and blasts pure Hi-NRG into the city. This is the foundation of the seemingly boundless wealth of Disco Volante.

Disco Volante is known as the Siren planet, where space ships and shuttles cannot fly by without spending at least a lunar eclipse in the legendary space harbour. Disco Volante and the neighboring planets seemed to be neither friends nor enemies, but in a state of complicated coexistence. The Cyleen indulged hedonism, the opulence of life and the pleasure of love. Queen Zadar wants every inhabitant to embody the pure beauty of natural existence. Every second Heliotrope Queen Zadar held the celebrations of Vortex. 

The Cyleen decorate their temples with banners and flags to worship their Queen and their high priests. The celebrations began with a sacrifice in front of the temple of the Proton Prophets. Public institutions, like the Institute of Light, were closed during the Vortex. It was customary to make gifts to the high priests. The Cyleen organized private banquets, most of them were excessive in their drinking and eating. But this Heliotrope something seemed to be different. The planet changed its inner core from red to purple. The glowing dark matter transformed to velvet matter. Signal turned into noise. The once clear and bright white noise surrounding the planet became a clamorous harsh pink space fog, in which acoustics dispersed. The planet turned deaf-mute. The sound had been absorbed from Disco Volante – echo and reverberation peaked out for one last time. 

The oracle of the Proton Prophets predicted that only the return of the eleptic loop could bring back sound to the city and prevent the downfall of Disco Volante. An alien creature from the Cosmic Ocean would be brave enough to go on the intergalactic odyssey between space and time. The high priestess Pandora went on: ‘His image can never be drawn, nothing can be taught of him, for he is too mysterious for his secret to be unveiled, too great and too powerful to be approached…one would fall dead at once if one dared to pronounce his secret name, consciously or unconsciously’. 

The boy with no name – Queen Zadar knew immediately it was her once left behind son, who had the fate of Disco Volante in his hands. She knew his powers must have grown over time and further she knew it was only her who would be able to convince him to fight for the survival of Disco Volante. Accompanied by the Cyleen ambassadors the Queen went on her journey, traveling with pitch speed to the Cosmic Ocean to find her lost boy. 

With furious speed and a deafening sub-pressure the ship pushed through the orbit. The interplanetary flight through the spills of time went faster than a roller coaster ride. They landed with their ship on a rocky surface of an Exoplanet in the Whirlpool galaxy. Long gone memories came to Queen Zadars mind. Flashbacks of the night where she met the Spliff-King and they danced the Hypnotic Tango for the first time. The feeling of passion and flirts.